Electrical Installation Condition Report/ EICR in Leeds


What is an EICR

An Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR is an official certificate provided after an assessment is carried out by a qualified electrician. The assessment reviews the quality or your electrical installation and assesses any deterioration that may have occurred over time. EICR's should be carried out regularly in accordance with BS7671.

An EICR will:

  • Ensure electrical circuits are in a good condition and safe
  • Identify faulty electrical installations
  • Identify potential risks of electrical shock
  • Recommendations for earthing
  • Assess condition of the consumer unit

Land Lord Electrical Safety Test/ Home Buyers Electrical Tests


Landlords are required by law to have an EICR carried out by a qualified electrician to ensure the safety of their tenants. The maximum length of time for an EICR to be carried out in rented accommodation is 5 years or at the end of a tenancy, whichever comes first. Annual PAT Testing is also recommended.

Home Buyers/ Owners

An EICR is not carried out in a standard home buyers report. It is highly recommended that those purchasing a new home should get an EICR carried out which could identify potential issues with the electrics in the house that may cost 000's to rectify. It is also recommended that homeowners have an EICR carried out every 10 years 

Commercial EICR's

While it is not a legal requirement for a business to undertake an ECIR, businesses do have a responsibility to keep their employees safe under the 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act.  'The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989' requires that employers take reasonable precautions to protect their employees from electrical danger. It is recommended businesses have an EICR once ever 5 years 


Why Use Us?

You can rely on Flora Electrical Services to provide a thorough EICR, here's what we provide:

  • We carry out a 100% test of the circuits, sockets, switches and lighting. (limitations might apply if we cannot access an Item due to furniture or safety).
  • We will check the condition of of switches, sockets, light fixtures and wiring.
  • Suitability of fuse boards or consumer units.
  • Carry out circuit load testing.
  • Test Earthing and bonding
  • Assess installation polarity
  • Protective device testing


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Flora Electrical Services are electricians taht specialise in Electrical Installation Condition Reports - EICR's Based in Chapel Alleron, Leeds Our fully qualified electrician Paran holds City & Guilds Level 3 Qualified Electrician certification giving you peace of mind that you are dealing with a competent electrician

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